Spreading Mid-Autumn Festival Cheer in Binh Dao

Spreading Mid-Autumn Festival Cheer in Binh Dao

The Mid-Autumn Festival, Vietnam’s equivalent of Halloween, allows children all over the country a reason to celebrate with family, friends, and, most importantly, candy!

The stark reality is that this year was arduous for most Vietnamese families, and the prospect of celebrating wasn’t a priority. As Xenians, we contemplated providing essentials to families and bringing joy to their children, who had also been through a torrid time during the pandemic.

The Xenia Foundation strives to make the most with our donations, so we asked the Xenia Tech team how they thought we should allocate our funds. It was a close call, with more Xenians opting to provide essentials to 50 needy families.

Nevertheless, kindness and joy are contagious. Will, CEO of the Xenia Foundation, personally matched The Foundation’s donation and, we were able to provide Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for an additional 50 children in the local community.

The Xenia Foundation helped children from the Binh Dao Commune, an area in the Thang Binh District, Quang Nam province. The children enjoyed sweet treats, played traditional Mid-Autumn Festival games, and learnt about Vietnamese traditions.

We also insisted on donating toothpaste to minimise the effect of all the sugary treats!